Wednesday, October 31, 2012

California Metal & Supply Announced as a Finalist for 2012 Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Awards

Supplier Excellence Alliance (SEA), has announced California Metal & Supply as a finalist for the prestigious Aerospace & Defense Industry Supply Chain Awards for 2012. Winners will be announced at the 6th Annual Awards Event during the first quarter of 2013.

California Metal & Supply has been selected as a finalist in the Stephen E. Barton Leadership and Culture category. This supplier award recognizes companies for their commitment to development of excellence in leadership processes.

Suppliers were nominated in recognition of their performance and investment in continuous improvement. "Suppliers who participate as finalists in this national program not only gain much-deserved recognition for their improvement efforts, but also serve as an inspiration for other aerospace suppliers throughout the year," said Michael G. Beason, SEA Chairman.

About SEA

SEA is an aerospace & defense non-profit alliance founded in 2003 by prime and tier-one companies and led by sub-tier suppliers committed to accelerating supply chain performance. SEA customers benefit from increased performance and supply chain transparency. SEA provides a lean management system and a voluntary supplier certification program for enhanced visibility, performance, and collaboration. SEA is funded by supplier memberships and sponsorships. .

About California Metal & Supply

California Metal & Supply Inc. is a Boeing Award Winning Supplier with 28 years of history supplying metals to major industries such as Aerospace, Defense, and Energy. It is an aerospace and aircraft metal specialist in supplying Titanium, Inconel, 4130, Stainless 13-8 15-5 17-4 17-7, A286, Magnesium sheets, plates, bars, tube & tubing products.
California Metal & Supply Inc.
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Titanium, Inconel, Nickel, Aluminum, A286, 13-8, 15-5 & 17-4 Specialist


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